The Ultimate Travel Kit

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  • Let the adventures begin! No need to worry about the "what ifs" when traveling with SGD's ultimate travel kit.
  • Designed to toss into a suitcase, backpack, glove box, the bag comes completely filled with quick remedies for any of your travel emergencies.
Ultimate Travel Kit - our nota organizer bag (6"height x 7.5"width) filed with the following items:
  • 2 packets of Pepto Bismol - for all those meals that were great going down but not so much now
  • 1 packet of Tylenol - for all those stories your seat mate told on the plane when you just wanted to be left alone
  • 1 packet of Advil - for your aching feet from all the site seeing
  • 2 miniature packets of facial sunscreen - for protection for your face while out and about
  • 2 packets of Neosporin - to speed up the healing of all those blisters on your feet
  • 4 individual Band Aids - to protect all those blisters on your feet
  • 1 travel size bottle of hand sanitizers - lets just say for all those public places
  • 1 travel size bottle of mouth wash - to "have your back" when you're ready for that good night kiss
  • 2 travel "brush on the gos" - to keep those pearly whites picture perfect
  • 1 mini lint roller - to keep that outfit that you've already worn once looking like you haven't
  • 1 travel size bottle of Clear Eyes - for when you should of stopped way before you had that last drink
  • 1 travel pack of tissues - for all of life's moments
  • 2 packets of Alka Seltzer - when spicy really wasn't a good idea
  • 1 roll of Tums - because you know you're going to eat way too much
  • 2 packets of Emergen C immune boosters - precautionary measures because you never know who/what you'll come in contact with and hope to not get sick on your travels

Tips on ordering: When ordering you will need to indicate the laminate fabric that you have chosen for the top strip of the bag.
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