the "Thing" without personalization

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the "Thing"  without personalization
  • The thing for everything. Multi purpose uses: make up mat, catch all for car, vanity organizer, toy organizer. The great thing about the thing is that whenever needed it easily converts into a travel ready bag.
  • The soft fabric design makes it easy to take anywhere, fits nicely into a carry on or overnight bag. The exterior and interior of mat is made from durable laminate fabric for easy cleaning.
  • A drawstring around the perimeter makes it easy to close up and pack. When you're ready to pack the vanity mat, simply pull the drawstring tight and secure it with the cord lock.
  • When the mat is opened, you've got a clean and contained surface to spread out your toiletries. The drawstring provides a raised edge around the mat that prevents items from rolling off the mat.
  • The mat measures 24 inches in diameter giving you plenty of room inside to store all sorts of toiletries.
Tips on ordering: When ordering you will need to indicate the laminate fabric that you have chosen for the exterior of mat and a fabric for the interior of mat.

If you would like to personalize this item, go back and choose the "mat on the go" option with embroidery.
Weight 0.60 lbs
Price: $34.95
please choose a laminate fabric for exterior of mat [View Options]
please choose a laminate fabric for interior of mat [View Options]
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