Original Art Pillow - Canary

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Original Art Pillow - Canary

In partnership with the artist Danilo Cuevas, we are excited to present an attractive line of accent pillows combined with his original artwork and our fabulous fabrics. The back of the pillows have a complementing fabric to the front artwork. They are constructed with a zipper closure with a removable outer sham that can be laundered or dry cleaned separate from the pillow insert. The pillow insert contains synthetic down fiber and comes from a manufacturer in the United States. This image is available in four sizes: 12" square, 16" square, 20" square and 24" square. The 12" square does not have a removable sham and has a polycotton fill. All other sizes have a removable sham and a synthetic down fill.

SUGGESTION FOR BACKING FABRIC: Chanterelle (colors in original art are very specific and may clash with certain back fabrics. Our suggestion is one that remains neutral with the front image. If we feel your choice may look off with the front of the product, we will notify you before making the item.)
SKU PC-7A137
Weight 4.00 lbs
Price: $24.95
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