Customer Testimonials

The bag is for my girlfriend's birthday.  She loved mine when she saw it at the beach. Can't wait to surprise her with one!

Laura  9/23/15


Love your products!!  Thanks for this sale.  It gives me a start on stocking stuffers!

Melissa  9/5/15


I am the mother of a small business owner. I read all about your inspiration on this site. I want to say congratulations on your wonderful line! I have bought several pieces as gifts for my daughter and daughter-in-law and their babies and am now adding to them. I love to see small businesses become successful. Well done!!! P

Patty  8/9/15


Love your stuff! Sure do wish you would come back to the Junior League Holiday Mart in KC, Missouri

Amy  7/31/15


Your bags are great and I got 2 from a friend for my birthday.  So now I'm buying for gifts, done with birthday and Christmas gifts for family and friends for the next year!

Joan  7/13/2015


Thanks for everything! Great customer service!!

Kathryn  6/21/15


Leaving for a cruise on 6/21 and can't wait to use them while traveling.

I love your stuff :) Thanks so much!!

Andrea  6/3/15


I'm taking a trip next week.  Your bags are great!  I can't wait to get them!!  Thanks

Tracy  5/4/15


Another graduation gift, love your bags! Thanks so much!

Lisa  4/29/15


Can't wait to give these gifts to my mother for Mothers Day! Thanks!

CeCe   4/28/15


Saw you at last weeks show.  Love your products!

Margaret  3/29/15


Love your products.  Thank you!!

Graham  2/17/15


This is a gift to help keep my friend organized while traveling, it's a life saver for me!

Abbey  12/15/14


Birthday gift for a friend, she's going love using this when she airport travels!

Ann Marie  10/16 14


I met Robyn at Canyon Ranch and she told us about your website.  I won one of the cell bags for my phone that weekend.  Just got home and ordered the media bag to use as a cosmetic bag. Love them, great idea! We all thought that you should go on Shark Tank to sell your products.


Mary Ann 10/10/14


Thank you, I love your bags and have been waiting on them forever at Alphabet Soup.  Happy to know I have a direct connection to you now!

Molly   8/25/14


This is a gift. Can you please enclose a note saying:

Happy Birthday, Ana! These are my new favorite bags for travel. Enjoy.


Michelle  8/14/14


I saw one of your bags at a conference in Kiawah. I loved it and had to order some for myself.

Many thanks, Paula  7/29/14



Thank you for this wonderful discount!

Amy  7/7/14


My sister in law, Anna, gave me one of your cell bags!  I love I'm addicted buying more!

Jennifer  7/7/14


Thank you so much for your help Sonja and for the designer discount. I plan on shopping here again for sure!

Sonserae   7/4/14


I'm going on vacation and can't wait to use it for my child's toys on the drive there:)) love your products!!!

Nicole  6/18/14


Thank you!!! Can't wait to get it!!

Celena  5/25/14


Please send ASAP. I am getting these for a family beach trip and I have to have them so I can brag about how great they are!

Rose 6/9/14


Love a Greenville, SC business!  I am from there too.  Glad you're flourishing!

Bronwyn  3/21/14


I am using these as party favors for my daughter's birthday party. This is my 3rd order with you all! Such a great gift!

Jennie Robbins 1/12/14


I love your work!! Thanks

Nancy  12/30/13


Everyone has loved these bags.  I appreciate how quickly they were delivered. Thanks!

Nancy 11/21/13


I received one of these as a gift and love it!  Happy to spread the joy!

Patricia 11/12/13


I found your tech sleeves in Mexico Beach at The Grove.  I absolutely love your products & have brought friends to The Grove to buy them.  Thanks.  This is the product I've been looking for!! The one I'm purchasing now is for all my lip glosses in my purse. :-)

Elizabeth 6/26/13


Received a great bag from Marisa R. Looking forward to having one for my bike.

Carolyn  4/8/13


I heard about your company from my cousin, Janine.  She gave me some bags for Christmas and I like them very much!  I keep one in my gym bag and I use it for toiletries!  The other one is great for travel.  I'm ordering a set for my MIL and a couple more for myself.  Thanks for making a great product!

Julia  3/27/13


Thank you so much!  Looking forward to giving these as birthday gifts!!! 

Lisa  1/14/13


My daughter got two of these for Christmas and loves them.  I am leaving on a trip next Sunday and must have some of mine own. Thanks!

Terry  1/5/13


Got one of your bags at the Holiday Market in Columbia, SC and fell in love.  Had to order more.  Thanks for the great product. 

Jessica 12/28/12


Thank you! Merry Christmas! love your things!

Courtney 12/25/12


Hi Sonja!  Can't wait to see the bags!  Please let me know if I can expect them by December 24th!!!  They are going to go over great!

Linda 12/4/12


HI - I am ordering one size of each organizer bag I see on the website - these make GREAT gifts!

Gay 7/7/12


I absolutely LOVE my organizer bags from Samantha Grace Designs! As a business woman and a mother of an 18 month old, the vinyl organizer bags are phenomenal at keeping me organize while being fashionable.  I travel quite a bit for work and the vinyl bags are so much easier for storing my toiletries while going through airport security (way better than my worn out zip lock bag)!   They are also a great way to store my Apple I Pod Touch and Amazon Kindle with their charging accessories so I can easily find them.  For my toddler, I keep all of his medicines, syringe bulbs, baby nail clippers and all of his grooming supplies in his bag. With a busy schedule, I do not have time to waste searching for items all over my home and office. These bags have been an absolute time-saver for me! I am obsessed with them.

Tami  4/25/12


You are awesome.  Spectacular customer service.

Sarah  4/14/12


Thanks! I love your products.

Martha  4/14/12


I'm sending this to my Aunt as a gift! I first learned of your products at the ACC Junior League Washington event this year and love your products!! You are now my go to for gifts. Thanks! :)

Phara  1/18/12


Just wanted to let you know I received my order and I love the ID badges!

Thank you

Juanita  12/2/12


Thanks. I ordered from you at the Greenville Women's show. I love the bags, got to have more!

Cassandra 11/27/11


Sonja - your website looks great.

Ruth Neil   7/21/11