Barrel Totes

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  • These are fabulous totes for the beach but definitely not limited to beach use only - it is great to use every day. Made with laminate fabric on the outside and regular fabric on the inside. Don't fear putting your bag on the ground or on the beach while you are out and about because all you have to do it wipe it clean with a wet cloth when you get home. The laminate fabric makes this an easy maintenance bag that doesn't require a lot of pampering.
  • Drawstring closure makes it easy to open and close. The thick 100% cotton braided rope used for this bag comes from a Canadian company that manufactures in the U.S. and Canada. As you can see on our fabric pages, the fabric is printed here in the U.S. and the lamination is added to this fabric here in the South.
  • The interior of the bag is lined in regular fabric and we use the same fabric choice for the interior that you choose for the bottom of the bag. The top of the interior bag has a 2 inch lip of laminate fabric and each bag has a 7" x 9" interior zippered pocket for all those essentials that you want to make sure are safe and easily accessible such as wallets and keys.

  • Size of bag: The base of this bag and respectively the top opening is 12 inches in diameter and it stands 17.5 inches tall.

    Tips on ordering: You will need to choose two laminate fabrics to order this bag. The main fabric which is the top portion of the exterior and the upper lip of the interior. Then you will be asked to choose the bottom fabric which is used for the base of the bag and the 4 inch border that runs along the bottom of the bag. If you are unsure about which fabric you want, please go up above to the orange fabrics tag and pick your fabric combination. Embroidery is an option for this item but Vinyl is not.

    Tips on personalization: Please venture through the options slowly to make sure that no errors are made in personalizing. Next to each option question is a pink link that reads "view options". Click on these each time for important information about your decisions on that particular option. Not checking these correctly could result in an error in personalization. We do not take returns on mis-entered information.
Weight 1.35 lbs
Price: $79.95
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