"Amplus" Baby Gift Pack

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"Amplus" Baby Gift Pack
  • Baby gift giving simplified with our gift packs.
  • Amplus Baby Gift Pack is the perfect item to have in your arsenal while on the go. The gift pack includes gallon size organizer bag, a burp cloth, and your choice of a fabric infant bib or a laminate baby bib.
  • The gallon bag can keep your diaper bag organized. It can hold your wipes, a few diapers, food, food bowl & utensils. The burp cloth is made with a soft terry cloth and fabric bordered front that absorbs all the "accidents" and the back covered with fabric. The infant bib is made with a fabric front for comfy wipe downs of drool while the back is lined with a soft terry cloth for comfort. The baby bib is made to wipe down with a laminate fabric front for easy cleaning while the back is lined with a soft terry cloth for comfort.
  • The amplus bag can easily be cleaned with a quick rinse under the kitchen faucet or put it on the top rack of your dishwasher. The infant bib and the burp cloth can go into the washing machine and in the dryer. The baby bib can be wiped down with a damp cloth or go into the washing machine. Please do not put baby bib in dryer, lay flat to dry.
Gift pack includes a free enclosure card. Please indicate whether it's for a girl or boy. Please include your message under note section during checkout process.
Tips of fabric selection: When choosing fabrics for the items, you can choose up to two coordinating fabrics. The first fabric will be used for the exterior fabric on the diaper pail and the bib. The coordinating fabric will be used on the interior and straps of diaper pail and the burp cloth.

Tips on personalization: You have the option to choose one item and have it personalized with embroidery. Please indicate which item you would like personalized and then complete the options for embroidery.
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Price: $47.95
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