Organizer Bag with Embroidery

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Organizer Bag with Embroidery
  • The organizer bags are fabulous for just about everything! We have found so many uses and many of our customers have written us with ways that they have put these bags into their everyday lives. Whether you have small children and need a quick and easy bag for baby items or you are a senior citizen and need a bag for storing or taking your medications on trips - this bag will offer the room and the clarity to know in an instant what you have in there. No digging around to see if something is missing - you can see straight through!
  • The laminate piece of fabric across the top gives a great look and affords you the ability to put it into the dishwasher in case you use it for snacks or something that could open up and spill inside during travel. The top rack of a dishwasher will clean it and bring it back to its original state. The laminate covers up the velcro seal that goes across the top to close the bag.
Six available sizes:
Tantillus - mini size - 6" tall x 7.5" wide
Nota - 6.5" tall x 8" wide
Brevis - quart bag - 9" tall x 6.5" wide
Media - half gallon bag - 6.75" tall x 10.75" wide
Amplus - gallon bag - 11.75" tall x 10.25" wide
Magnus - 2 gallon bag - 14.75" tall x 10.50" wide
Caliga - boot size - 20" tall x 13" wide

Tips on ordering: When ordering you will need to indicate the laminate fabric that you have chosen for the top strip of the bag.

Tips on personalization: This items comes with the option to personalize it with embroidery on the laminate fabric strip across the top of the bag. Please follow the pink link "view options" carefully next to each choice to enter your personalization correctly. If you would like to have vinyl lettering applied to this item on the clear vinyl instead then please go back to "bags & totes: organizer bags" and choose the one listed for vinyl lettering instead.
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Weight 0.60 lbs
Price: $19.70
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