"Clip On" Cell Organizer Bag without personalization

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"Clip On" Cell Organizer Bag without personalization
  • High quality toggle clip or carabiner attached to easily clip your cell bag to any bag.
  • This is the "CELL" version of our organizer bags. This size was designed to slip your smart phone in as an added layer of protection against the elements. This is not water proof but it is water resistant and resistant to common spills around the house or while out and about.
  • The really COOL feature of this bag is that you can use your cellphone straight through the vinyl so no more worrying while sitting on the beach about sand or water getting on your phone. Simply keep it in the velcro enclosed bag and use it with those oily hands without messing up your smart phone.
  • The laminate piece of fabric across the top gives a great look and affords you the ability to put it into the dishwasher in case you need to clean it. The top rack of a dishwasher will clean it and bring it back to its original state. The laminate covers up the velcro seal that goes across the top to close the bag.
Parvulus cell size: 4.75" x 6" designed to fit smaller size phones such as the Iphone 5 and phones within the same dimensions.

Tips on ordering: When ordering you will need to indicate the laminate fabric that you have chosen for the top strip of the bag. Embroidery is not available for this item, Vinyl is available for this item.
Weight 0.60 lbs
Price: $14.95
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