Made in America

A show aired recently that challenged a family to replace all of the existing items in their house if they were not made in America.  By the time they had removed all foreign items from the house, barely anything was left.  They didn't have a table to sit at, chairs to sit in or beds to sleep on.  They then had to piece by piece replace the items in their house with American made products.  A feat that turned out to be much more difficult than it should be.  In the past, our nation was a manufacturing powerhouse.  Over the years so much of it has disappeared.  Our business is situated in the old textile area of the country and practically every mill that existed here has shut down and moved their production facilities overseas.  It has reduced manufacturing jobs to nothing and much of the suffering our economy is feeling can be attributed to this lack of manufacturing state side.  As a business, we have decided to fight back.  We believe that every bit helps and know that with every dollar spent on an item made in America, you the consumer is creating jobs in our country.  We are manufacturing all of our items here in the United States and try to find our resources here in the United States. Our items require components and we strive to purchase those components from companies that are manufacturing them in the U.S.A.  We are not always successful, just as the family that had to replace their entire house was not always successful.  But as we hit those roadblocks, we make a note to keep searching for an American made version of that which we need.  We are excited to let you know that all of our cotton/linen fabrics are purchased from a US manufacturer and the Bengaline fabrics we use are 100% made in America.  Our assembly is 100% done in America.  The ribbon accents we use are from an American  company that produces strictly in America and the vinyl we use for our organizer bags is made in America.  These are just a few of the components we use and they are all made in America.  We keep working hard on finding more and more that fit those standards.  Our pricing definitely takes a hit because of this and our products are more expensive than the foreign products that you purchase in the store.  However - our quality standards are high and our resulting items are manufactured with precision and accuracy.  You can sense instantly that care and time went into each of our items and into the components that were used.  So really, you end up with a well made product and by purchasing a Samantha Grace Designs product you are contributing to bringing America back to being that manufacturing powerhouse!