Easy as 1.2.3.

Some basic instructions on how to navigate this site with the most beneficial results we think would be helpful.  Although, the site speaks for itself and is easy to navigate, the items have many options once you start to purchase a product.  Being prepared to answer those questions will be helpful when putting your item together.  We want this to be a good experience for you rather than a frustrating one. The basic premise behind our company is that we have a number of items that we create and we have a number of fabrics that we have available to create those items.  You just have to pick an item that you want, pick out the fabrics you want to use for it, choose whether you want to personalize it, plug it all into the options menus and hit "Add to Cart".  Within 7- 10 days you will receive a box with your uniquely designed Samantha Grace product.  So let's see how to start.

Our suggestion is to first visit our fabrics section by clicking on the orange "fabrics" tag at the top of the home page.  Here you will encounter 60+ fabric options that can be used in our items.  An item can either have one or more fabrics.  You may encounter an item you want to buy that has a top fabric, bottom fabric and interior fabric.  By all means you can choose all of them to be the same.  But... if you want to add some extra flair and really set it up to where you have a unique item, then you can mix and match some of the fabrics together to make a really fun product that speaks of "you". So peruse these fabrics and decide your color scheme and which fabrics you think mix well together.  If you need inspiration, look around the site at some different items to see what fabric combinations we have put together as examples.

From the fabrics page, look to your left and you will see a styling options menu.  This styling options menu lists an additional page of bengaline fabrics to check out - these are solid fabrics and are used many times as accent fabrics for interiors of bags or backs of pillows.  Just keep in mind that the bengaline fabrics are not available as laminate fabrics.  Let's talk about laminate fabrics for a second.  Laminate fabrics are our fabrics with a coating of vinyl over them.  On the fabrics page you can get a better description of what lamination is.  The important thing to remember is that our bengaline fabrics are NOT available as a laminate.   The rest of our fabrics are.  

While you are visiting the styling options menu in bengaline fabrics, also go check out the embroidery styles & colors menu item and the vinyl styles& colors menu item. These pages will give you the overview of what embroidery and vinyl options are available and the colors that they are available in.  Also on these pages there is a description in the left margin of "Monogram Ettiquette".  If you plan to personalize your item, definitely check this out and read it over carefully as you don't want to get stuck with an item that has the wrong initials on it.  We can not accept returns on mis-entered information so please be sure before you enter your letters or names in the boxes, exactly how you want the name or monogram to read.

Now go and have fun on the site.  Just remember, the items that we are selling make a unique item that is of top quality and is made in america.